Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hanukkah Easy DIY Crafts Recipes to Celebrate Jewish Festival of Lights


This year, Chanukah, the 8-day Jewish Festival of Lights starts the night of December 24 and ends on January 1, New Year's Day. The menorah candelabra that Jews light each of the nights of the holiday, adding an additional candle each evening, is one of the most familiar symbols of the celebration. Other popular things associated with the celebration are the Star of David (Mogen David), the colors blue & white representing the Israeli flag, fried foods (think donuts and potato pancake latkes), dreidel toy tops, and of course, chocolate coins covered in gold foil.

To help you celebrate, here are some of my favorite creative crafts (including a few edible art projects) to make this holiday memorable.

This holiday art project from Crayola makes it possible for every child to make his or her own decorative paper menorah to use as a beautiful table centerpiece that can be reused year after year. Since it's made of paper and there is no actual flame involved, it is not only safe, it's fun and easy to make. Find free how-to directions to make this cute Chanukah craft which you can make together with younger kids and that older children can create on their own HERE

Image from Crayola
Also from Crayola are directions to easily craft some pretty holiday boxes, including the one pictured for Chanukah in blue and white with the Star of David on top, using their Model Magic air drying clay product HERE

Image from Crayola
These adorable Chanukah Donut Cookies from Joy of Kosher are a really creative edible craft. Using the same cookie cutter as when you make donuts, the kids will love helping you decorate these! Get the recipe and how to HERE

Image from Joy of Kosher
What a beautiful, easy way to decorate your front door with this dimensional Paper Dreidel Door Hanging Decoration by Design Megillah.  This is one blog you're definitely going to want to visit because they have lots of other holiday craft ideas and, to make the project pictured, a free dreidel template to download HERE

Image from DesignMegillah.com
Last, but not least, if you haven't done this already in past years: Why not bake and decorate a Hanukkah Gingerbread House with the kids like the one I made for my own family? This project is fun for the whole family to join in working on together. Just don't forget to take photos before you gently craft this with a hammer to eat the delicious gingerbread. Easy directions to create this edible 3D craft HERE

Image from MommyBlogExpert.com
Holidays are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends. Make sure yours are special for both you and your kids. Follow MBE on Pinterest as we continue to discover and share lots of creative Hanukkah Inspiration with you. And of course, stay tuned to the blog for beautiful, creative holiday crafts to come in the weeks ahead, too.

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