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DIY Glamping Luxury Experience in Your Backyard or at a Campground + Giveaway


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How to Glamp in Your Backyard This Summer

Glamping made its debut in the United Kingdom back in 2005 and is quickly becoming as popular here in the USA as well as Canada. Combining the words glamour and camping into one, this is just what you'd think: a luxurious camping vacation experience with the amenities typically found at the finest hotels and resorts.

Backyard Glamping this Summer

In this post I'm going to share how easy and inexpensive it is to create your own glamping experience at home in the privacy of your backyard or on a road trip at a public campground.

Backyard Glamping Bed on Lawn

With nightly rates starting at $250 on up to over $1000, these glamping destinations can be prohibitively expensive for the average family. Why should only the wealthy or well-traveled have access to the most luxe, wonderful way to relax, enjoy the outdoors and sleep under the stars? 

You can easily replicate the most luxurious glamping resorts that can be found coast to coast in the woods, on top of Manhattan roof tops, on the beach, in the desert and in many other wild places. With imagination, a little creativity and a few basics you'll be creating a glamping experience all your own.

Backyard DIY Glamping Camping Ideas

DIY Glamping How To

Instead of just watching everyone else play outside in style, join the fun and build your exclusive DIY private glamping outdoor hideaway centered around the Bestway Inflatable 17" Queen Mattress which is available at Walmart for just $139 + shipping. That's less than even a single night at one of those fancy glamping places you can stay at on a vacation with the kids. 

Just think. With very little effort you can have a fabulous, extremely comfortable staycation in your own yard, balcony, or roof top garden. Or you can reserve a space at a campground equipped with electricity. Either way, as long as the space you choose isn't wet, rocky or dusty and you have access to a traditional 110 - 112V electrical outlet or power generator to inflate this portable blow-up mattress, you can be relaxing and enjoying some quality time together before you know it.

Backyard Glamping Luxury Air Mattress Bed

You can easily and quickly set up your very own glamping outdoor room in so many different ways to suit individual preferences, simply by bringing the things you and other family members love outside from the house that you most associate with comfort. For me, I absolutely adore sleeping with 800-thread sheets, a fluffy white down comforter and down pillows which I simply brought outside from the bed in the house. 

It literally took me only about 10 minutes from start to finish to create an lovely outdoor space to relax. First, making sure there was no moisture in our lawn, I laid down an old sheet on top of our grass to protect the bottom of the mattress from getting dirty (a Queen size tarp would work equally well). 

Next, I carried the surprisingly light mattress outside, then I plugged in the built-in AlwayszAire air pump (ETL approved) and pushed a button, choosing from one of three different levels of bed firmness. The air pump worked automatically, continuously monitoring and maintaining the proper pressure. Just a few minutes later, the mattress was fully inflated, rising a full 17" off the ground. I pushed the button again, to turn off the air pump. Then, I made the bed with my sheets, comforter and pillows just how I like it in the backyard among our citrus trees and garden. That's it.

Backyard Glamping Woman Sleeping

The true test, though, was lying down on this outdoor sleeping place to try out this new bed first-hand. To be honest, it was so comfy, I didn't want to get up and write this review at my desktop back in the house. The best part is this mattress will stay comfortable and inflated all night and won't be sagging in the morning when you wake up. Deflating is also a breeze, at the push of a button. In no time, the airbed returns to its original compact size, taking up very little space and making it very easy to store when not in use.

The next time I create a glamp in the yard, I think I'll add small night tables on each side of the bed so there is a place for my hubbie and I to stash the books we're reading. I'm also planning to string some pretty white market-style lights on trees around where the bed is situated to create a romantic feel. When the stars come up, I can simply switch off these outdoor lights and we can both enjoy the sparkling late-summer night sky and cool air.

Backyard Wild Mushrooms Growing on Lawn

So what are you waiting for? Get outdoors and enjoy the nature that surrounds us. It's time to glamp out and create your own customized outdoor sleeping space!  

Your fellow MBE's readers look forward to reading about your original glamping ideas, so please feel free to share as a comment below. 

Where to Buy

The sturdy, puncture-resistant Fortech 17" Queen Airbed with Built-in AlwayszAire Pump from Bestway measures 80" x 60" x 17"  inflated, but easily fits compactly in a 24" x 15" x  9" box when deflated. Including a carrying travel bag for storage, this airbed is available at Walmart now. You can also learn more about this modern day airbed offering old-fashioned comfort by visiting the brand on Facebook.  Don't forget to scroll down and enter Bestway's giveaway below 

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Enter a fun and wacky selfie using the AlwayszAire bed you've purchased at Walmart. Then post your photo on the Bestway Facebook page and you could be the winner of an inflatable hot tub! Hurry and enter now. Five winners will be selected on 9/15/17.

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