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Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice Boys Videos


New Video Series for Tween, Teen Boys Tackles Hygiene 

If you are the mother or father of a tween or teen boy you are probably a bit uncomfortable when it comes to having the talk with your son about personal hygiene. Believe me, as the mom of two sons, I've been there and done that, twice. The reality is that if our young men aren't maintaining the proper hygiene to manage body odor, even if they can't smell it, we can. They smell pungent to put it politely, or to be blunt: they stink. 

School Lockers Boys Talking Hygiene

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Now there's an easy way for parents, especially us moms, to bring up that delicate subject, thanks to the new humorous and informative School of Swagger video series from Old Spice starring Isaiah Mustafa, who has a huge fan base among today's young people.

School of Swagger Premieres 

As a parent, I could not be more excited to introduce you and your sons to this free new Old Spice series which just launched. Mustafa, former college football player and NFL practice squad wide receiver, has been the face of Old Spice as The Man Your Man Could Smell Like since 2010. Currently playing the werewolf Luke Garroway on the hit show Shadowhunters, he is also an experienced Dad as the father of a daughter.

This School Of Swagger multi episode online curriculum program is both entertaining and informative as well as a modern day parenting tool moms will appreciate. 

Finally, for the first time, there's a medium that speaks directly to boys 10-years old and up in a lingo they can relate to as they begin experiencing the bodily changes like sweat, facial hair growth, and more associated with puberty.

In fact, Mustafa is virtually in every young mens' locker room now, talking straight guy talk to all the young budding men out there he aims to inspire and inform. 

In the introductory video in the series, accomplished Mustafa, who now can add comedian and educator to his impressive credentials thanks to this project, is perfectly cast to present this educational public outreach initiative. The four-part new video series features live action and comedy between Mustafa and a tween boy, a very funny script loaded with valuable information, and wonderful animation mixed in. 

Simply put, the full range of awkward boy-to-man issues are addressed, ranging from body cleanliness and proper deodorant use, to facial hair and shaving that's presented in a way that appeals to tween and younger teen guys.

Isaiah Mustafa Recalls Road to Manhood 

From the moment I sat down for a one-on-one interview with Mustafa at the premiere in Hollywood of the new Old Spice School of Swagger series, the conversation flowed easily. Down to earth and genuine, this Renaissance Man grew up in Southern California and originally wanted to be a high school teacher until his career unexpectedly took off in a totally new and life changing direction. 

During our chat Mustafa chuckles as he recounts how much he giggled and laughed through most of the video series shoot. He also shares a few personal memories of his own awkwardness, boy-man conflicts and challenges when his was a kid.

"During junior high," Mustafa tells me, "like all the other guys my age I was insecure talking about adolescent personal body issues such as the sweat stains my friends and I all were experiencing for the first time. At that stage, to deal with the uncomfortable awkward hormonal and physical changes we were going through, we called this kind of sweating 'Pitting Out.' Later, I attended Santa Clara High School in Oxnard, California. As we quickly grew from boys into men -- those same sweat stains morphed from embarrassment into a sort of badge of honor showing off how fit and confident we felt."

New Old Spice Invisible Spray for Fall  

The School of Swagger video series is just the beginning to help you guide your tween boys as they navigate the journey of growing into a man, starting when the hormones start to rage. Further catering to the future men of tomorrow, Old Spice has also expanded their collection of personal care products for the male youth market just in time for back to school season. 

The newest mom-approved product in the Old Spice Wild Collection is Invisible Spray anti-perspirant and deodorant. This goes on dry and provides up to 48-hour protection. Now widely available online and in drug stores, food stores and mass merchandisers in three fresh, manly scents including Bearglove, Swagger and Pure Sport.

Old Spice Wild Collection for Tween Teen Boys

Old Spice Wild Collection

The complete mom-approved Old Spice Wild Collection of men's body care products features anti-perspirants, deodorants, body washes, body sprays and shampoos in a range of wild scents including

  • Krakengard - Scents of citrus, fresh herbs and the ancient ocean
  • Bearglove - Grizzly Bear-level smells of apple, citrus and spice
  • Wolfthorn - Sophisticated wolf in a suit with a suave sweet citrus whiff
  • Hawkridge - Outwits stink with scents of sandalwood and vanilla

Now what are you waiting for? Tune into the School of Swagger series now and check the videos out. Once you approve, don't forget to remind, your tween son to take a look, too. These hilarious vignettes are really meant for the 10- to 12-year old mentality and will no doubt entertain as well as inform him and his friends about what's really going on with all the crazy awkward body changes he's been noticing lately.


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