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Tech Travel Samsung Charging Devices You Won't Want to Leave Home Without


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Powering Your Smartphone on the Go

Whether you travel for work or pleasure, thanks to impressive technological advances in today's built-in camera lenses and sensors, one of the most common tasks you likely use your smartphone is for photography. 

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Stockholm, Sweden

The problem, as any shutterbug knows, is all that still photo and video shooting drains the phone's battery quicker than you'd like. 

And, what could be worse than being caught with a smartphone that's run out of power at the most inopportune time? I can't tell you how many times that's happened to me!

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As a busy lifestyle blogger and frequent leisure traveler I use my smartphone camera a bit, as you can see from the photos illustrating this post. 

Okay, maybe that's understating it a little: I admit to having 14,000+ images stored on my smartphone right now. 

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Even if you don't take as many photos as I do, with all those essential apps on your phone battery power is a constant concern when you're on the go. So what do you do? 

Sure, when the battery is down to 10%,  you can slowly charge your phone if you're near your hotel room with the USB cable that came in the box. 

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But who has time to run back to your hotel room when you're doing something else that's more important? 

What do you do during the day or night when your caught with a dead phone? When outlets to recharge are non-existent (like on the beach or at a conference) and are almost just as hard to find at airports and other places where you spend a lot of time?

Change How You Charge

No matter how you use your smartphone, Samsung's mobile charging accessories can make a real difference on your next business trip or family vacation. For example, the Samsung Fast Charger (sku 5806010) -- even while you're using the phone -- charges your phone wirelessly much quicker than a traditional charger simply by placing it on the pad. That's up to 1.4x faster for select models.*

The Samsung Portable Battery Pack (sku 586008) is another great mobile accessory and must-have for road warriors. With one of these full charged batteries in your bag, you'll be able to quickly recharge your device whenever you need to so you can keep using it to make calls, go online, text, use your various apps, and of course, snap lots of photos and video!

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Samsung Charging Devices
Samsung Portable Battery Pack

*Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge+ and later models - fast-speed charging; Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, Qi-enabled devices - standard-speed charging.

About Samsung Mobile Charging Solutions
From a wide choice of Samsung Fast Charger Wireless Chargers to the Samsung Fast Charge Portable 5,100 mAh Battery Pack, you'll find just the right charging options to always keep your smartphone powered 24/7 for work and play at Best Buy.

Why Worry?

With these Samsung charging accessories, you're phone will stay powered when you need it most to enjoy yourself or get the job done. Whether you're taking photos on vacation or using GPS on a business trip, you'll never leave home without these powerhouses again.

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  1. When I travel there is a lot of times that I wish I had a charger on me. Something like this would be perfect well I am running around throughout foreign cities.

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