Tuesday, October 16, 2018

100 Free Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates Printable Patterns


Free fun and whimsical DIY pumpkin carving patterns are as plentiful as the pumpkins you see in the fields, at neighborhood pumpkin patches and at markets right now.  For those of you celebrating, Halloween will be here before you know it. So it's time to start (or finish) decorating your home, if you haven't done it already. It's also a good idea to start planning this year's jack-o'-lantern masterpiece now, if you're carving one. To get the best choice, select your pumpkin now. But, wait to actually carve the design until just a day or so before Halloween to keep your pumpkin as fresh as possible.

Isn't this adorbs? I love this super simple pumpkin carving idea for baby's first Halloween which makes a great photo prop for some Instagram worthy images this fall. All you do is cut the pumpkin top open and hollow out then cut two smaller holes in front slightly larger in diameter than your child's legs.

Seriously, no matter what you like, what your skill level is and what you are looking for you are bound to find one or more free downloadable pumpkin stencils here that you or the kids will want to use to carve your pumpkin this Halloween.

Free Printable Pumpkin Stencils & Templates Galore

16 Kids Characters Pumpkin Carving Templates from PBS Kids
Featuring beloved kid's characters like Curious George, Cat in the Hat, Arthur and others

34 Easy Pumpkin Carving Templates from HGTV

28 Advanced Pumpkin Carving Templates from HGTV

Tombstone Epitah Templates from Martha Stewart

Garden Vine Template also from Martha Stewart

20 more Templates including a Jack Clock from Martha Stewart

Superman Pumpkin Carving Template from Celebrating Halloween

The Good Dinosaur Arlo Pumpkin Carving Template based on the Disney Pixar movie

Assorted Disney Movie Character Carving Ideas from Disney Family

22 Disney Pumpkin Stencils from Popsugar

Lots of Pumpkin Stencils in Different Themes from The Pumpkin Lady

Many fun Pumpkin Carving for Families Templates from Pumpkin Pile

31 FREE Carving Templates + Whimsical Pumpkin ideas from Better Homes & Gardens

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Happy Halloween!

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  1. This is so cool! I've only ever carved the boring triangle pumpkins.

  2. This is a great resource. We will be carving ours Halloween morning.

  3. Pumpkin carving is one of our favorite things. The last 2 years we've done some pretty funky pumpkins. How fun! - Jeanine

  4. This is so perfect! We were planning on trying some fancy pants pumpkin carving this Halloween.

  5. We need to get a pumpkin to carve yet. This would be fun to carve! I can't wait to print one off.

  6. There are so many designs to choose from. The kids will enjoy helping pick out the designs for the pumpkins this year.

  7. I'd love to make some cool Jack-O-Lanterns this year! I'll have to look through these so we have some cool ones for the porch.

  8. This is a great way to carve a fantastic pumpkin. I will have to try a few of these this weekend.

  9. I am no good at the carving. i usually end up painting them! A template is such a good idea!

  10. We have been a little lax for pumpkin carving the past few years. I need to get back on the wagon and use a few of these templates.

  11. This is really great idea this coming Halloween, I'm sure my kids would love this.

  12. I've never tried carving a pumpkin. I bet it's too fun.