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NYTSTND Duo Tray Wireless Charger Review


Technology Made for Minimalists

Don't you just hate always depending upon having a mess of assorted charging cables on hand -- not to mention those electric plugs that always seem to go missing when you need them -- to ensure your smartphone, smart watch, and/or wireless earbuds are charged to keep up with your tech-based lifestyle? For sure, I know that feeling. That menagerie of cables and plugs was cluttering my gadget loving life until I was rescued from all that wired chaos with the NYTSTND Duo Tray Wireless Charging Pad Station which I received to facilitate this honest review recapping my experience.

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Minimalist Elegant Wireless Charger
NYTSTND Duo Tray Wireless Charger Station

Meet NYTSTND Duo Tray Wireless Charger Pad

The NYTSTND Duo Tray Wireless Charger can charge up to two Qi-compatible devices (any combination of smartphones, smartwatches, wireless earbuds, etc) simultaneously. Made in the US and constructed with Amish-sourced wood and beautifully stitched quality leather, it's a statement decor accessory piece that charges your devices.

Not only pretty to look at, this product perfect for busy families and minimalistic lifestyles is compatible with newer Apple, Samsung and Google Pixel, Nokia and other Qi-compatible devices. That's a real benefit, especially if you want to charge two different brand devices at once such as an iPhone and a Samsung phone or two types of devices like an iPhone and Airpods. The Duo also includes a built-in tray to store all those small items that are easily misplaced. Important things like your eye glasses, wallet. earrings, and more. This tray is also where your own personality is reflected, as you see from the photo at the top of this post I love having orchids in the tray of my NYTSTND charging station.

Extra Perks, Easy Setup and Use

Another perk of this stylish NYTSTND product: you can charge a compatible phone without removing the case if it is up to 5mm thick. There's even an extra USB port on the back of the unit for charging an additional device that might not be Qi-enabled. Best of all, at just 8"H x 5.8"L x 6.9"W and weighing less than a pound, this mini mobile powerhouse is compact, sleek and stylish and is perfectly sized to fit on workspaces, desks and most bedside night tables. 

NYTSTND Duo White Wireless Charging Station

Straight out of the box the Duo is easy to set up and ready to use. All you have to do is connect it to the included AC Power Adapter and plug into a nearby electric wall outlet. Then simply place one (or two) compatible wireless devices directly on the charging pad. You'll know each device you want to recharge is placed in the right spot when you see a solid blue light turn on signaling that charging has begun. If you see a flashing blue light just keep moving the device until the solid light appears to position it properly. Your device(s) will charge quickly and you'll know the charging is complete when you see a green light. 

The Magsafe-compatible NYTSTND Duo is available in Rustic White Leather with White Wood Base, like the white-on-white tray wireless charger I chose for this review post. The Duo tray style is also offered in nine two tone color combinations (Black/Slate Gray for example) to suit just about everyone's personality, lifestyle, and decor.



Headquartered in Ohio, NYTSTND specializes in high-quality luxurious wireless charging stations offered in various combinations, handcrafted from premium wood and ultra-soft luxe leather. In addition to the DUO TRAY 2-in-1 charging station featured in this review (which is also available without the tray, other NYTSTND products available include the UNO (for single device wireless charging),  the TRIO and TRIO TRAY (3-in-1 wireless charging station), and the QUAD and QUAD TRAY  (4-in-1 wireless charging station). Prices range from $64 to $234.

NYSTND Life Uncluttered


Add some luxury and unclutter your life at home or at the office. Check out the full line of elegant and functional NYTSTND wireless chargeing stations available exclusively on the brand's site

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