Thursday, July 11, 2019

Basic Invite Design Your Own Cards Review


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by Neima Pollak
MBE Staff Writer

Unique Cards Designed by You

Nothing says I love you more than receiving a personalized paper-and-ink card in your snail mailbox. Now's the perfect time to get to work on designing your own original heartfelt cards for the holidays as well as any other special occasions in your life coming up to send to family and friends. Basic Invite is here to help make it happen with beautiful styles to choose from like these exquisite watercolor holiday cards and many other card styles which you can easily customize in a multitude of ways.

What Sets Basic Invite Apart

It's easy to get confused with so many online stationery companies out there. Basic Invite stands out from the rest, giving you free reign when designing all aspects of your stationery, from card style to font, color and much more. Additionally, Basic Invite is among a select few online stationery companies which will mail you an actual printed sample of your design so you can hold it in your own hand and see what it's like before placing your card order. 

This card making company even offers a unique and time-saving Address Capturing Service, allowing customers to share a link on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels to request friends' and family's addresses. These addresses are then stored in your Basic Invite account and can be selected by you during the design process when it comes to addressing invites and cards. What's more is they offer recipient address printing at no cost on all card orders.

How Basic Invite Works

The process of designing a card on Basic Invites is very simple and straightforward. I tried designing a party invitation myself just to check it out and I had such an enjoyable time doing it that I wanted to keep designing more cards.

Step 1: Choose a Category

Select a category which fits the occasion for your card. Categories include Holidays, as well as Wedding, Graduation, Baby, Events, Stationery and Business cards, and multiple subcategories such as Save the Date (Wedding), Birth Announcements (Baby), Graduation (Events), and Thank You (Stationery). 

Step 2: Select a Template

After choosing a category, you will be presented with a number of templates that you can choose from to start designing your card, invite, announcement, etc. Some categories offer an option of uploading your own designs rather than using a pre-set template.

Step 3: Customize your card's elements including
  • Shape of the card
  • Type of paper 
  • Optional foil elements
  • Colors on the card (180+ colors to choose from)
  • Text details (font, size, alignment, color,  line height, and case)
  • Envelope color

Step 4: Designate Envelope Choices

Choosing from more than 40 different envelope colors, you can then personalize your addressing options (blank envelope, envelope with guest and return address or envelope with just the return address).

Step 5: Indicate Quantity of Cards You're Ordering

Step 6: Choose from a Variety of Paper Styles (some at an additional cost).

Step 7: Checkout and Wait to receive your Personalized Cards.

Start Thinking about the Holidays Early

Hard to believe we're already approaching mid-July and the holiday season is coming up fast -- only 6 months away! To help you get a head start on designing your holiday cards this month through July 31, 2019, Basic Invite is offering a 15% off promotion with the coupon code: 15FF51

Your potential as a designer does not end at just cards, either. With Basic Invite you can also easily design a personalized website for a wedding or a birthday, which also allow you to collect emails, manage RSVPs, and share event information with your guests. The best part is that designs you create will be optimized to maintain their beautiful aesthetic on mobile devices, desktop computers and tablets. 

About Basic Invite

Check out everything Basic Invite has to offer, especially the extra special holiday card designs right now. From options ranging from modern holiday cards to more traditional holiday photo cards there is something here for everyone's tastes. You can also get inspiration from the brand by following them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

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