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Disney Dumbo Movie Review + Giveaway


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by Neima Pollak
MBE Staff Writer

Dumbo Home Entertainment Release

Disney returns to retell the classic tale of Dumbo (2019) a story about family, loyalty and bravery. Now, the same live action film that appeared on the big screen is flying high, available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital for viewers of multiple generations to watch together at home. Read on to learn all about this film and how you can enter MBE's giveaway to win one of the multiple Dumbo digital download codes provided to us by Disney.

Mommy Blog Expert with Dumbo at El Capitan Theater, Hollywood

The Story Line

Journey with young siblings Milly and Joe Farrier as they help a poor circus elephant, born with comically oversized ears to protect him from the insensitive circus performers and small town audiences who laugh at him. Though this sister and brother duo try everything to help Dumbo succeed in the Medici Brothers circus, conflict swells up when the beloved little elephant with big blue eyes is separated from his mother. Now the race is on to rescue Dumbo's mommy who has been forced to work when a cold and greedy businessman buys the old-fashioned traveling circus.

Vintage-like scenes inspired by the original 1941 animated version of this movie are scattered throughout the live action remake. Some of these include Dumbo’s appearance in the clown act, when he is encouraged to put out the fire on a “burning building” and the pink dancing elephants which Dumbo dreams about one night. 

From beginning to end, I was in suspense and could not pull myself away from this movie. Basically following the original animated storyline version I remember from my childhood, there are enough detail changes and plot twists to keep the story relatable and exciting for today's kids. Suffice it to say that this movie is overflowing with dramatic action sequences which will have you rooting for Dumbo and friends, from tents burning up in fire to the children being chased by the big bad guys. 

Actual props used in the filming of Disney's Dumbo (2019)

CGI and Some Intense Scenes

Part of what made this so exciting and fun to watch were the detailed and flashy costumes that all the characters wore, as well as the phenomenal visuals. The CGI of Dumbo flying inside the Big Top circus tent is also worthy of note as it was so convincing and well-done. In fact, you may find yourself believing that Dumbo really can fly!

Because of the high-quality graphics and certain more intense scenes, remember this is a live action film directed by Tim Burton who is known for scary imagery like what viewers saw in Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass, which was produced by Burton. As such, Dumbo may be a little too frightening for younger audiences, so you may want to consider having a big kid’s movie night for this one. 

About Disney Dumbo

Disney's Dumbo is now widely available for home enjoyment on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital download.

Blu-Ray Bonus Content
  • Deleted scenes
  • Easter eggs on parade
  • Clowning around bloopers
  • Behind-the-scenes of Dumbo

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