Monday, February 28, 2022

Home Bathroom Spa Makeover Ideas for Mom

At Home

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Creating a Spa Vibe to Help Mom Escape, Relax

There can be no denying it: modern moms are busier than ever, spending nearly all their waking hours taking care of loved ones. Today's mothers frequently juggle it all -- from caring for children and working full-time, to potentially homeschooling and/or simultaneously caring for elderly parents.

Spa Home Bathroom Trends

So How Hard Do Today's Moms Work?

  • Women spend an average of 21 hours per week doing household chores, while men spend fewer than 7 hours, on average
  • Almost half (49%) of employed women in the US, including 42% of working mothers, say they are the family's primary breadwinner

Clearly, it leaves no time for rest and relaxation. Actually, in this mad rush of never-ending responsibilities and obligations, it's no wonder that many moms feel burnt-out and find themselves craving an escape from their endless daily duties. It's time for moms to stop neglecting themselves and start practicing some badly needed self-care. After all, how can these busy mothers do a good job of looking after everyone else, when they're feeling tired, stressed and depleted?

While it may be tempting to dream of a far-away escape and luxurious vacation, that's simply not a realistic option for most modern moms. Instead of taking off on an actual getaway, what if they could -- with far less effort -- simply turn a bathroom at home into a place where mom can pamper herself, de-stress and relax? 

Home Bathroom to Spa DIY Ideas

Bathroom Spa Upgrade Inspiration & Trends

Check out these ideas to uplift mom's spirits and revive her energy level by adding a touch of luxury that transforms your bathroom into a spa-like resort  

Heated Towel Racks

A heated towel rack (like the one you see pictured above) is a great way to create a spa vibe in a residential bathroom. After all, following a relaxing long bath, what could be better than stepping out of the tub and wrapping yourself in a warm towel? Not only does a heated towel rack elevate the body's enjoyment after bathing, it also provides the added benefit of killing bacteria commonly found on towels, even clean ones. This heated towel rail technology is a good way to combat germs and enhance your level of comfort. Besides, what mom wouldn't appreciate a feature that also keeps her home cleaner, right?

Elegant Bathroom Accessories

There is no denying it, bathroom remodels are expensive, averaging a cost of around $20,000. That price tag alone might even tempt  you to cut corners and do things cheaply. Before cutting expenses, though, remember high-end bathroom accessories can ultimately deliver a higher return on your investment not only because of the more luxurious look created but because these accessories usually last longer, too. From well-chosen faucet fixtures to towel bars, soap dishes, toilet paper roll holders and other luxe functional and decorative bath accessories, there are a multitude of ways to achieve a bathroom that feels like a spa.

Heating Flooring or Tiles

Few things are worse than getting out of a warm bath and stepping onto a cold floor that quickly can  make the rest of your body feel cold. That's why heated flooring is a popular solution with modern consumers. Not only is this an excellent way to maintain comfort and body warmth. If combined with slip resistant features, it can also make your floor safer to walk on, even when exposed to excess moisture or steam.

Upgraded Shower Heads

With so many jumping on the bath remodeling bandwagon in 2022, converting a home bathroom into a wet room is a good option to consider. After all, the wet room look is inspired by spas and is easier to clean than a traditional bathroom. Even if you don't want to completely transform your bathroom into a wet room, you might still like to upgrade the showerheads or add dual showers to your space.

Organization and Accents

Just as a spa embraces minimalism, a clean look with a clutter-free environment, and is often inspired by nature intended to relax the mind and body, you can easily translate that sort of vibe into a bathroom. With a little thought to enhance your space with a better organized spa-like area which includes out-of-view storage, that busy mom in your family can enjoy a luxurious bathroom experience without ever leaving home.

Bathroom Transformed to Home Spa

The Choice Is Yours

It's all up to you, the options are endless to suit your family's lifestyle. Depending on the time and budget you have available, you might decide to undertake a complete bathroom rennovation, a more moderate bath remodeling project, or simply add a few luxurious features. Whichever route you choose, it is possible to carve out the perfect at-home mom spa spot for her to escape, recharge and enjoy some badly needed me-time.

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  1. My shower head is my favorite part of a shower along with the pebble floor in my shower. I get my feet and back massaged while taking a shower.

    1. Thanks for commenting! I love the idea of a pebble floor, that is such a great shower solution to avoid accidental slipping.

  2. I really love this. What a great idea. I would love to have something like this for my bathroom. Very lovely.

  3. Those are some great ideas to check out and would definitely love to upgrade our bathroom soon.