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Animal Slipper Gifts Celebrate Spring Holidays


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All Occasion Spring Gift Inspo for Kids & Adults

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It looks like Mr. Groundhog's prediction was right: this year was a longer winter than usual in many parts of the US. Luckily spring finally has arrived, hopefully bringing along with it brighter days ahead to celebrate all the upcoming festive spring gift giving occasions:  Easter (Sunday, April 17), Passover (April 15-23), Mother's Day (Sunday, May 8), Father's Day (June 19), birthdays, graduations and more.

Bunny Slippers for Spring Holiday Gifts

Animal Slippers from Bunny Slippers

Speaking of all those spring celebrations, I'm excited to share with you a thoughtful, novel family-friendly gift idea I recently discovered. Just about anyone will appreciate this: the many cute critter bedroom footwear styles available from BunnySlippers for children and us big kids-at-heart. 

Pictured at the top of this story is me at home in California lounging in the Classic White Bunny style (which comes in both adult and kids sizes). These are not only comfortable and well-made, each pair features the same sweet design details: standup pink-lined bunny ears, shining black eyes, a soft pink nose and smiling bunny face, and realistic whiskers, along with a white pom pom bunny tail on the heel of each slipper.

Hedgehog Womens Bedroom Slippers

Imaginative Spring Slipper Styles

And here's my millennial Hedgehog-loving daughter Sarah, who lives in New York, wearing the adorable pair of Hedgehog slippers the company sent her. Wondering what my eldest triplet daughter's reaction was upon arrival of these hedgehog cuties? 

"Wow, just wow, " Sarah says. "I never thought I'd find something so comfortable and adorable. These are very good quality slippers, have thick cushiony soles and feel like I'm walking on clouds.  I just love how they keep my toes toasty warm in the cold New York winter and spring. Our Manhattan apartment building is not well heated, so these have been a major game changer for me when working remotely from home.  No wonder the Hedgehog style is so popular and is currently sold out." 

The good news is that there are still many fun styles for men, women, and children. In addition to the Classic Bunny style I received for this review, there are an assortment of other bunny and spring-inspired animal slipper styles in stock now to choose from in a variety of kids and/or adult sizes, depending on the style. From foxes, lambs, pigs and llamas, to an array of breeds of cats, and dogs, and lots of others, there's an animal slipper here to suit each individual animal lovers personality, gender and age group.

Like Mom, Like Daughter

Here we are styling our favorite new bedroom footwear from Bunny Slippers: Sarah cuddling up with the Hedgehog Slippers in New York, while on the West Coast in Los Angeles, I'm  snuggling with the Classic Bunny Slippers.  

Mom Daughter in Bunny Hedgehog Animal Slippers

Cute Critter Slippers for the Whole Family

From the West to East Coasts, both my daughter and I are loving these oh-so-comfy, cozy, and cute slipper styles we each picked out. I know for sure, I'm enjoying mine so much and am so glad I decided to bring them along on our island hopping adventure around French Polynesia in the South Pacific. 

In fact as this review goes live, I'm wearing those Bunny Slippers right now in Tahiti while my hubbie and I wait out the last days of our COVID quarantine until we have negative test results so we can fly back to the States.

Bunny Slippers Tropical Island Vacation

More About Bunny Slippers

Check out the Bunny Slippers site to see the entire assortment of dozens of cute creature slipper styles currently available. Whether you're buying these for yourself or as a gift, these would make a wonderful addition to Easter Baskets or if you celebrate Passover, would be wonderful afikomen prizes for the kids. They'd also be a well-received gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day, too.

Bunny Slippers Spring Kids Adults Styles

If you're like me you may find a hard time deciding since there's likely to be more than one style you'll want for yourself and/or to give to friends and family this spring. Keep up on all the brand's news about these fun and adorable slippers by following them on Facebook and Pinterest.

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