Tuesday, April 26, 2022

AIRROBO Air Purifier Family Review


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Improving Air Quality In Your Home 

Dust and wind storms, pollen season, wild fire smoke, city smog. We’ve all thought about how air conditions like these might affect our lungs and impact overall health. But, as a mom with children, have you ever considered this? Even when members of the family attempt to escape unhealthful outdoor air by going indoors, the quality of the air we breathe inside our homes can still potentially make our kids and loved ones sick causing or aggravating seasonal allergies and other respiratory problems. 

How to Improve Air Quality Inside Your Home

AIRROBO AR400 Home Air Purifier Review 

That’s where a quality air purifier, such as the new AIRROBO AR 400 True HEPA Air Purifier which just launched today, can make a difference to help filter out the dust, pollen and other potential irritants, improving the indoor air at home that your family, friends, and even pets breathe in.

A Mom Tests the AR400 Air Purifier 

For this hands-on review Mommy Blog Expert received the AIRROBO AR 400 from the manufacturer. I know as a mom of four in a family of six, each of us suffers from allergies to some extent. So I was excited to try this air purifier to see if it would help us. Out of the box, this took me less than 15 minutes total to read the directions and get this easy-to-operate air purifier up and running. 

Home Air Purifier With Filter

MBE’s Thoughts on AIRROBO AR400 

  • Includes a well-written user manual, with directions and diagrams that are easy to understand 
  • Comes in stylish white to easily blend in with just about any d├ęcor style from traditional to modern 
  • Arrives fully assembled, with a replaceable HEPA air filter already installed 
  • Moving the air purifier room to room for use is easy, because the product is lightweight, weighing just over 7 lbs.
  • Operates most efficiently and is specifically designed to stand directly on the floor or carpet, removing the household dust and pollen that mostly collects on the ground 
  • Works well thanks to Tres Air™ Filtration technology which filters and blocks fine particles, more than 99.97% allergens, VOCs, and odors
  • Runs quietly while sleeping or working so as not to disturb your usual routine
  • Takes up minimal floor space thanks to its compact design, measuring a sleek 14.65”H x 8.7”W x 8.7”D

Set-up, Usage and Maintenance

After choosing a suitable well-ventilated location (such as a bedroom or home office) with adequate circulation space around the air intake vents and air outlet, all you do is insert the power cord into the unit’s back and then plug into a regular electrical wall outlet. Once plugged in, you push the power button to turn it on, then choose from three fan speeds (or the fourth fan speed called sleep mode), then set the timer (you can choose anywhere from 1 to 8 hours) for the desired automatic shut off time.

Cleaning and maintaining the AIRROBO is easy too: every 6-8 months when it’s time to remove and replace the 3-in-1 Filter, the Filter Replacement Reminder will light up on the control panel, then with a simple turn and twist to unlock the bottom you can take out the old filter and insert the new one and lock in with a twist.


More Tips to Keep Indoor Air As Irritant-Free As Possible 

  • Read the product's user manual carefully before using your air purifier to get the most efficiency out of  it and save the directions for future reference
  • Keep windows closed on high pollen count days and on days/nights when the air quality outside is unhealthful 
  • Avoid excess dust accumulation on clothing, stuffed animals, and other clutter, by being sure to close closet doors and dresser drawers when not in use 
  • Dust all surfaces and vacuum thoroughly and regularly using a good quality vacuum floor cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter to capture the maximum particulates from the air 
  • Wash bed sheets, pillow covers and other bedding weekly using hot water which will kill dust mites
  • Vacuum, wash or dry clean window treatments as often as required during each season
  • Ensure your air conditioning and heating vents are well-maintained and cleaned as needed 

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AIRROBO Air Purifier on Desk Table

About the AIRROBO Air Purifier 

AIRROBO AR 400 Air Purifier, listing for $149.99, comes in white and is intended for residential usage in 600-1000 square foot spaces. It works to remove pollutants such as particulate matter, gaseous pollutants and microorganisms from the air inside homes. The product utilizes a replaceable 3-in-1 Filtration System (Pre-filter + HEPA filter + Activated Carbon Filter) which is included in the box. Other features include an easy-to-operate LED touch control panel, an air outlet on top of the product, and air inlets on all for side of the unit. Additional tech specs include Wattage: 35 Watts, Noise: 23-50 decibels, Weight: 7.05 lbs., Size: 14.65”H x 8.7”W x 8.7”D. 

Available direct from the manufacturer’s AIRROBO website and from Walmart. The brand also offers replacement True HEPA Filters, as well as a Toxin Absorber Filter and a Pet Allergy Filter each which are available for purchase separately. Stay up to date on all AIRROBO news by following the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


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  10. This air purifier sounds perfect. We always end up with extra pollen and dander in the air during the spring season, one from living on a busy back road to the pets all losing their winter fluff.. this air purifier sounds perfect! Kelli

  11. This sounds like such a great air filter! Going to have to check it out for our home!

  12. One of my best friend struggles with pollen allergy so the AIRROBO Home Air Purifier would be something she could do with. Will recommend this to her

  13. One of my best friend struggles with pollen allergy so the AIRROBO Home Air Purifier would be something she could do with. Will recommend this to her

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