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Jenga Giant Kids Wood Blocks Toy Review


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Educational Kids Fun Builds STEM Skills 

If you were a child starting in the 1980s, chances are you probably remember the classic Jenga wood building blocks game. This brand's nostalgic no tech and educational toy is still going strong, getting bigger and better for the next generation with the introduction of the Jenga GIANT JS4 wood blocks building set, the newest edition to the Jenga GIANT line.

Boy Building With Wood Blocks

Giant Wood Blocks Building Game for Bigger Fun 

A new twist on the original stacking game. Jenga GIANT JS4 challenges kids to enhance their fine motor skills, learn about cause and effect, and sharpen strategic thinking abilities to build a tower up to 3 feet high using the included 54 over-sized wood blocks measuring 4.75" x 1" x 1.58" (four times the volume of classic Jenga blocks). 

What's more is that with larger build-ups boys and girls as they play the game, kids get to experience even more excitement along with louder and bigger crashes when blocks tumble. What's not to love as a parent about keeping kids busy for hours with an engaging wholesome activity that doesn't involve any electronics or wifi and that won't mess up your house? 

Millennial Mom Shares Her Family Experience 

Just ask Rachel Marks, millennial mother of a preschooler and toddler, what she thinks about Jenga GIANT JS4. 

"I enjoyed playing with the original Jenga so much during my own childhood," Rachel says. "It was often the go-to activity for multi-generational family gatherings, so I was very interested in trying out this new giant Jenga version with my two boys. 

"When I first received GIANT JS4 for my latest MBE review, I was curious to see how my 4-year-old son would respond to this toy. Growing up with Jenga was a special experience for me and I find it to be even better now because I'm sharing this new rendition with my own family.

Jenga GIANT Kids Wood Blocks

"Each classically-designed wood piece is big enough for my son to easily grab and start building. What a thrill it is to watch him at work stacking these lightweight, but sturdy blocks, and creating yet another massive tower. The look of sheer anticipation, excitement and wonder in his eyes that he can build a structure that's taller than he is speaks volumes. 

"Not only is my big boy enjoying himself with this, as a parent it is satisfying to know he is also learning and growing through this amazing STEM activity combining a fun no-mess activity with building greater physical dexterity. Even my 18 month-old little guy has gotten into the act, mesmerized by watching the action as his big brother is focused on building a tower that doesn't tip over too early in the game.

"The icing on the cake is that Jenga GIANT blocks are teaching my children important life skills like cooperation, working together, and patience. In a short time, Jenga GIANT blocks have proven to be a reliable entertainment resource for play dates, at-home game nights, and even one-on-one child bonding time with mom or dad.

"Another mom-worthy note: The heavy-duty traveling case is so handy not only for storage at home when not in use. This is perfect for on-to-go families like ours to bring on trips to the park or when visiting family and friends," Rachel concludes.

The Origins of Jenga 

Jenga was inducted into the National Toy of Fame in 2020. The original product idea was conceived in the early 1970s by Leslie Scott, a British national, who was inspired by a game played with wood building blocks by her family while living in West Africa. The toys name Jenga comes from the Swahili word kujenga which literally means to build. 

Fast forward to 1983 when Scott officially introduced Jenga at the London Toy Fair. From there the simple game based on wood blocks took off and by1985 the flagship product was first available in the US and Canada and shortly thereafter could be purchased in many countries worldwide.Jenga was inducted into the National Toy of Fame in 2020. 

Family Fun 
for All Ages

Boy Girl Building With Wood Blocks

About the New Jenga GIANT JS4 Blocks Set 

Jenga GIANT JS4 wood blocks are an ideal gift idea for Ages 6 years old and up. Available on Amazon and at Suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun for the whole family: kids, teens and adults will all enjoy playing with this together. An entertaining and educational activity for family game nights, special occasions and children's birthday parties. 

A perfect addition to traditional and homeschool classrooms, too, since Jenga GIANT JS4 blocks are constructed of premium hard wood and are built to last. 

Jenga GIANT JS4 
Kids Wood Blocks

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