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Man Cave Basement Home Makeover Tips


Guest Post 
by Addisson Shaw 

Easy DIY Ideas for Curating a Guys Hangout Space

Spending more time at home lately and looking to make the best use of every square inch of your living space? Read on for some simple, creative inspiration to turn an unused or underutilized space into a magnificent man cave hideout that will be the envy of all his friends by redecorating that spare bedroom, basement, garage or outdoor entertainment. 

Exposed Brick Wall Man Cave

7 Man Cave DIY Ideas

There's a decor style here to suit just about every man's taste. For sure, these creative ideas are also an excellent starting point to inspire you to come up with your own original man cave design ideas to match your guy's interests, lifestyle, and personality.

1. Put Together a Rustic Hideaway Theme Cabin Room

A rustic-themed man cave is easy to create -- whether starting with an existing exposed brick wall or log-covered wood wall or covering the room's drywall with wood panel walls and ceilings. Add some hardwood flooring or wood tiling if it a rustic-feeling floor doesn't already exist and complete the space with some handpicked gadgets like a flatscreen TV and stove, a plush leather recliner and comfy couch in front of an oversized fireplace. 

2. Design a Modern Man Cave Escape Room

Start with reimagining your selected space by clearing away out-dated entertainment devices and replacing them with a super-sized TV with all the extras, like built-in streaming apps, HDR, and 4K resolution. A good sound system is essential in a man cave and you don’t want a tangle of cords all over the place, so wireless speakers are a must, too. Add a smart fridge with built-in Wi-Fi, temperature control, and touchscreen displays and the guys won't have to open the fridge to see if it's time to make another run to the store for more drinks.

Colorful Library Books Shelves

3. Create a Luxe Library Themed Man Cave 

If your guy is more the chill type, why not create a bright and cheery space where he can escape to enjoy a good book or some quiet time with a few of his like-minded buddies? Create his own slice of peace and quiet with a deluxe library by building or buying some bookshelves and setting them up with some comfy chairs, reading lamps, and colorful small rugs. You can even include a desk in the mix and a small bar stocked with a selection of good whiskeys or coffees and some favorite snacks for enjoying while quietly relaxing. 

4. Set Up a Star Wars-inspired Sci-Fi Man Cave 

Pay homage to Anakin Skywalker, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Yoda. Display Star Wars collectables in a glass case or show them off around the room. For an added sci-fi feel, paint old electronics, secure to boards, and mount on the walls. Another idea: incorporate chrome-colored pole holders and recessed ceiling lights to evoke a spaceship feel. Lastly, don't forget a silver metallic flatscreen TV to complete the look.

5. Transform the Basement Into a Western Saloon

If your guy is into cowboys and the Old West, consider turning the basement into a Wild West-themed hangout space with some simple décor additions (think cowboy hats, horses, boots), some wood wall paneling (or embrace the rustic look with an existing bare exposed brick wall), and add an old-fashioned wood burning stove if winters are cold where you live. Complete the look by building or buying a wood bar for your basement saloon where the guys can get together and socialize over beer, bourbon, soft drinks or whatever the fellows have a thirst for, along with some non-perishable munchies like nuts and popcorn.

6. Set the Stage for a Sports-Themed Man Cave 

Along with installing the obligatory big-screen TV for watching their favorite teams compete, build or buy a ready-made bar where the guys can enjoy the comraderie, along with beer, soft drinks, and snacks. Along with comfortable seating and some sports-theme posters on the wall and other sports decor, add a few interactive elements such as a dartboard, snooker and/or foosball table to the room to inspire them to get off the couch for even more fun.

7. Get Jivin’ With a ‘70s Disco Theme Room 

To create a disco era vibe for your man cave think ‘70s décor, mirror ball string lights, a turntable and vinyl records. For your color scheme, go back in time to the bright greens, oranges, rich browns, sunshine yellows, and turquoise that was all the rage back in the day for the furniture and walls. You could also opt to decorate with '70s memorabilia or framed movie posters featuring the biggest hits from this period. It's up to you to make this theme room as elaborate or minimalistic as you can imagine.

Man Reading on Couch

Why a Man Cave is a Must 

It’s essential to have the kind of space that makes the man in your life feel more relaxed, especially after a long day at work. Over 30% of people report levels of stress that have had an extreme impact on their lives, so it’s important to take steps to create a calming refuge where he can unwind without leaving the house.  

Not only will the challenge of transforming your basement into a man cave be a lot of fun to plan and create, the end result carves out a special place at home to get away from the stressors and tension of every day life, where he can decompress and refuel the energy needed to create the best lifestyle possible.

Addisson Shaw

About the Author

Addisson Shaw, who provided the content and headshot for this story, is a passionate writer with a background in design and marketing. Her writing focuses on the wonders of design and its impact not only on businesses but also on homes and families. During her free time, Addisson loves reorganizing rooms and ordering lighting and fixtures online or alternately decluttering. (It's an endless cycle)