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Firecracker Popcorn Balls Recipe July 4th

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A Sweet DIY Treat for 4th of July

Looking for a fun easy snack to serve to the kids for July 4th? These cute, creative and tasty Red Hot Poppers popcorn balls inspired by the firecrackers and fireworks -- two icons we associate with the holiday -- are just the thing you've been searching for to enhance your Independence Day party entertaining or BBQ this year. Just think: what a hit (and a bang) the boys and girls will get out of these when they see and taste these. 

Patriotic July 4th DIY Popcorn Balls
The Popcorn Board

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You may be surprised that, unlike traditional popcorn ball recipes, Red Hot Poppers are not only much more colorful in the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue, they're loaded with a pop of red, sweet and slightly spicy flavor. All you need is some freshly popped popcorn, butter or margarine, mini marshmallows, red hot cinnamon candies, red and blue star sprinkles, and for the firecracker "fuse," some red licorice shoestring candy

The Perfect Recipe for Entertaining

For how to whip up some of these holiday treats, find the full Red Hot Poppers recipe here, where you'll also discover more fun and delicious popcorn recipes created by The Popcorn Board.

These 4th of July popcorn ball snack gems are so fun to mix up, you'll probably want to invite the kids into the kitchen to help make some of these treats. But when it comes time for eating them, don't be surprised if the grownups also want to "sample" these, but end up devouring them. So be sure to prepare extra so everyone who wants to can sink their teeth into these.

Popcorn is a Whole Grain Healthy Snack

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