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Something to Stand For American Patriotism


Something to Stand For - What July 4th is All About

With Independence Day coming up, it got me thinking:What has happened to good old-fashioned American patriotism in the USA?  In the early 1960s, when I was a small town kid growing up, just about everyone in my neighborhood displayed an American flag all year, especially on Memorial Day, Flag Day and July 4th. Not only that, our hamlet's 4th of July parade's stars were the well-respected veterans (some using walkers or wheelchairs) proudly marching in uniform admist the homemade floats made by school kids, the drum and bugle corp I belonged to, the Boy Scouts of America and others. 

Mike Rowe Driving Bronco Something to Stand For

Scenes from Something to Stand For With Mike Rowe

Many thanks to TBN for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Reigniting American Patriotism

Mike Rowe, who many of you will remember from the Dirty Jobs TV series, is an intriguing and expressive storyteller. What you might not know is that Mike Rowe is also an Eagle Scout, the highest honor which few Boy Scouts achieve. Full disclosure: I'm the proud mom of an Eagle Scout myself. 

Injecting that same sense of pride, respect and honor he learnt back in the Scouts, Rowe proves he knows how to connect with his audience with the feeling of talking one-on-one in the film Something to Stand For With Mike Rowe, from TBN. The motion picture is now showing in theaters nationwide for a limited run June 27 to July 4th only.

This isn't just another boring documentary or fictious account of American history. From the American Revolution and George Washington the movie quickly moves through the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln, followed American involvement in World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam and the many other battles and conflicts on both American soil and abroad through the current day.

Something to Stand for Scenes NASA Soldiers

More Scenes from Something to Stand For

It also touches on a different kind of historical war that took place: the Civil Rights Movement and great moments like NASA's first female African American astronaut Mae Gemison. What Something to Stand For is about reflects on some previously not well-known true back stories of America's history and its heroes, both every day folks and famous leaders. Men and women, a sometimes children, who had the courage and bravery to make the sacrifices for the many freedoms and other privileges we enjoy. 

I was deeply moved screening this film, but at times some of the battle scenes were too gory and realistic for me to watch. Still the film moves forward, lead by Rowe's folksy narration as he takes the audience on a field trip in his old, beat-up Bronco to visit America's important memorial monuments in heart of Washington, DC. 

This isn't just another sight seeing tour, either. Along the way many mysteries unfold before our eyes. What film's viewers will learn is what these honorable places really represent through the reenactment of actual historical moments and some of the individuals who made sacrifices of life and limb for the America that exists today.

Regaining Gratitude for America's Heroes

In Something to Stand For, patriotism is brought back into the forefront of the audience's collective consciouness. It's cool again to wave and display the American flag proudly and to respect and honor our Nation's heroes, both living and gone. Thanks to Rowe's expert storytelling, along with the cast of every day people acting out true stories that haven't been told before -- all actors and actresses are from the state of Oklahoma -- history comes alive in a enriching and unique way that draws viewers into the scenes. 

From the American Revolution forward, our collective history is once again is relatable. Most importantly, during these dark modern times of unrest, Something to Stand For reminds us that its good time to refocus our hearts and minds on this country's heroes. To properly honor and respect all those men and women both in the military and every day citizens who showed (and still show) great courage and bravery on the country's behalf. These intriguing stories which Rowe so artfully tells potentially can inspire many and can be the spark that relights American patriotism not only for the audience but hopefully for countless others.

Something to Stand For Mike Rowe Patriotism

About Something to Stand For With Mike Rowe

The movie Something to Stand For with Mike Rowe, from TBN, is in theaters nationwide from June 27 through July 4, only. Get information and buy tickets now. Overall this is an excellent movie suitable for a mature audience and I encourage you to see this. Parents: Please note the movie is Rate NR (Not Rated) and includes historical footage intermixed with some renactments of battle scenes which may not be appropriate for young children.

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