Friday, March 10, 2017

Google Chromecast Audio Review Streaming Music Throughout Your Home

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Wouldn't it be nice to stream high fidelity music into virtually every room in your home? To play classical instrumentals in the nursery to lull baby to sleep, to stream children's music as the little ones play in the toy room, to entertain guests with background jazz music, to listen to your favorite rock songs in the kitchen while preparing meals for the family and to set the mood on the patio for a BBQ. Even to accompany you in the bathroom when singing in the shower or bathing the children, the list goes on about all the places in your house where you might enjoy streaming music.
Up until recently, though, the only way that all would have been even possible would have been either by installing an expensive hard-wired entertainment system costing thousands of dollars or by relying on portable Bluetooth speakers typically lower in delivering crisp sound. Now there is a new affordable option for music lovers which won't break the bank and doesn't sacrifice sound quality. Meet Google Chromecast Audio empowering your speaker (equipped with RCA, 3.5mm, or Optical AUX input) to  stream crystal clear music over wi-fi.

Using Google Chromecast Audio is as simple as plugging into your speaker's auxiliary input to pick up a signal on your home wi-fi network. It literally is plug-and-play, taking just five minutes to set up a speaker. The choice is yours, use one Google Chromecast Audio to stream music in a single room. Or, if your prefer, install additional Google Chromecast Audio units in other rooms within wi-fi range which are equipped with compatible standard speakers.

Even for the technologically-challenged, you won't have to call in a professional service to get this working for you. After you're plugged in, download Chromecast apps from the App Store or Google Play onto your mobile device.

Then, simply tap the Cast button from the apps on your phone, table, or desktop computer and you'll be listening to what you want to hear: songs delivered by services such as Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and more; radio stations; and podcasts through your speaker.

For just $35 each, available at Best Buy, here's what comes in the Google Chromecast Audio box. You'll need one of these units per speaker to enjoy streaming music over wi-fi.

  • Chromecast Audio
  • 3.5mm analog stereo patch cable
  • Power cable, power adapter
  • Owners manual

If you love listening to music at home as much as I do, you'll want to consider trying this. From personal experience I can tell you that Google Chromecast Audio is literally music to my ears.

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  1. Oh my gosh you have no idea how much I want this! It would be really nice to have something like this throughout the house. Maybe I'll put on my Christmas list for next year LOL.

  2. I love to listen to music at home as well. I had no idea there was a Chromecast for audio. Awesome!

  3. Music is on in my house a good majority of the day! My kids would LOVE this Chromecast audio!

  4. We just started using these and have found them really useful to have. I love listening to music all around the house.

  5. My daughter has Chromecast in her room. Make it easy to stream what she wants when friends are over!

  6. Chromecast looks so awesome! I know my husband would love this. I'm going to see about getting him one for Father's Day! - Sarah, must Have Mom

  7. This is so cool! I have never seen these before, I would love one of these!

  8. Awesome! Love this review!

  9. Love Chromecast! I definitely need to get the audio! Thanks for the info!

  10. Being able to listen to my music without having to turn the volume up to max in a different room would be great. I'll have to see about getting Chromecast Audio.

  11. I would love to get Chromecast Audio for my home. The quality of sound over Bluetooth isn't the clearest. I love to listen to music while cleaning.